August 30: Rihanna hydro jet surfing in Sardina, Italy

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Comic Book Meme - [1/5] Favorite Story Arc/Event
↳ Hawkeye #19

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Title: Boss Ass Bitch (Feat. PTAF)
Artist: Nicki Minaj
Album: Boss Ass Bitch - Freestyle
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Nicki Minaj - Boss Ass Bitch

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One bright spark: Hypnotic photographs capture Pablo Picasso

'painting' with light

He was known for pushing the boundaries of his craft, so when Pablo Picasso was offered to paint with light, he leaped at the chance.

These stunning photographs, which show a dimly-lit Picasso swathed in neon squiggles, are the results of five sessions he held with lighting innovator Gjon Mili in 1949.

In a series known as his ‘light drawings’, the images show the artist waving a strobe light to create figures reminiscent of the screaming cattle in Guernica or the curvaceous woman in The Dreamer.

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mordin as a sj blogger


"Trailer for new Blasto vid promotes imperialism. Objectifies asari and turian women alike. Uses batarian people as props. Masquerades racial violence as satire. *inhales* Problematic.”

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“Blonde Ambition” Rodarte dress photographed by Jamie Morgan for POP Fall/Winter 2010

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I am going to die surrounded by the biggest idiots in the galaxy.

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Vania Zouravliov. Armour.

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Ian Curtis and Bernard Sumner, from Joy Division

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Favourite animators: Toshiyuki Inoue (井上俊之)

Learn/watch more:

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James Dean photographed by Roy Schatt.

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i haven’t been to subway in 2 years cos the woman went “what bread do you want” and i went “yeah”

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Enjoy food and drink from Bosnia part V:  These series show that Bosnian cuisine is much more than few, common meals that are named in tourist guides (you can look up the others on my blog). The names/descriptions are in captions of every photo. 

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